Care of your silver jewelry

The Hearts and Hounds bracelet and earrings from Wimble Custom Jewelry are fabricated from Sterling silver. As tough as Sterling silver is, however, it can become scratched by many materials, such as other metals, stones, and even the tough fibers found in paper towels. Do not use paper towels to polish your jewelry.

Silver is subject to tarnish, most notably from sulfur in the atmosphere, food (e.g., eggs, onions), common materials (e.g., wool, rubber bands), and skin oils. Tarnish begins as a yellowish tinge, becoming brown and then black as it builds up.

You can gently wash the jewelry using a phosphate-free detergent to remove tarnish in the early stages. As it builds up, you will need a cleaning cloth especially designed for Sterling silver.

You should try to avoid using any tarnish remover or polishing agent on the black line areas of the jewelry as this may remove the black patina. If that happens, a professional jeweler can restore the patina. You might wrap the polishing cloth around a stiff, flat object before polishing near the black areas -- this may help prevent the cloth from sinking into the black areas and removing the black patina. If you have the copper version of the jewelry, instead of the black line version, the copper will change color over time. You can use a tarnish remover or a polishing cloth directly on the copper to restore its original appearance.

You can send the jewelry back to us if the patina needs to be recreated. We will provide you with a quote. If you need a polishing cloth for Sterling silver, we can supply you with one. Again, ask for a current price quote for the polishing cloth.

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