Wimble Custom Jewelry produces fine jewelry for both every day wear and for the collector.

The Santa Cruz Redwood Series is a cast of an individual redwood seed, found in the Santa Cruz mountain area of northern California. Each piece is cast from a unique seed, so no two pieces are alike. Redwood seeds as they appear in nature are not directly suitable for cast jewelry, as they are too delicate. This jewelry begins with an actual redwood seed, which is then augmented internally so that it will be strong enough for everyday wear.

The seed itself is Sterling silver that has had a black patina applied on the internal surfaces, and as a shading detail on the seed surfaces. The outer seed surfaces are then burnished to produce a surface that is a combination of brilliant silver highlights and dark depressions, highlighting the natural detail of the seed.


Redwood seed with chain: $80.00 per pair. Sterling silver with black patina.

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